A Love Letter to Emotions

We (you and I) are all filters. More specifically, our emotions act as filters. Photo by Stephen Kraakmo on Unsplash

People who don’t have knowledge about emotions don’t have a language to understand and process their internal experience based on what’s going on in their lives right now. They live in a state of chaos, even if (most likely) they don’t know it. Even so, what they do know (or have a slight sense of) is that something’s missing, which gives them the urge to fill themselves up with either substances, non-stop activity, or food and TV. Before they know it, they have become annoyed, chronically stressed, and soon, depressed, all hopes dashed, subconsciously self-loathing and self-sabotaging.

In reality, they’re simply overwhelmed from not having a filter; a barrier between who they are and what’s going on. Without this filter, in their eyes, what goes on around them IS them, and any difficult feelings that arise becomes the utmost truth about the situation — even when the truth is that each one of us has our own reality; our own interpretations of everyday situations shaped by our own past experiences and our own unique individual personalities, which in turn result in the emotions we feel in our mind and body. And without this filter, it automatically feels as if there is something that needs to be problem-solved, but feelings aren’t meant to be solved. Feelings themselves are meant to be the filters with which we explore ourselves (and others).

In other words, those of us who don’t care about what we’re feeling and those of us without any tools to make sense of what we’re feeling are blinded from seeing everyday situations as they are and suffer from our incomplete and inaccurate version of these situations. Equally important, we are missing out on the opportunity to connect with our deeper selves: what we’re needing, what we’re longing for, what we strongly believe in, what makes us unique, what we consider to be the truth of the universe; our special purpose— all of which we can actually take away from (how we feel in) every situation we encounter and then use such priceless information to guide our every day.

What’s necessary then isn’t just for us to come into awareness by facing our feelings — but ownership of our own feelings, curiously holding on to whatever we’re feeling, whatever may have come before those feelings and whatever that could come after, so as to not forgo a more enriching time on earth.

You’re the cat here, and the fish = how you’re feeling in your body and mind. Keep prying. Photo by Daniel Tuttle on Unsplash

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